Ragdollz aTradmark

Ragdollz aTradmark

onsdag 12 oktober 2011

koncentrationssvårigheter nån?

Glömde skriva hur det gått sen festivalen. Ufo...
150 besökande på festivalen och sålde en näve tavlor :D
Pepp pepp!
Jag är med i en tävling under hösten men ligger lågt i arrangemang i övrigt.
Släng gärna över ett mess om du har nån störd idé eller nått så jag slipper lata till mig.

Under sommaren och hösten har dom rara människorna på affektiva rotat runt i huvudet på mig och verkligen gjort sitt bästa för att försöka hitta en förklaring till varför jag inte sovit ordentligt sen jag var en liten unge. Är jag eller någon runt mig förvånad att utredningen slutade med stämpeln ADHD som tillägg till Bipolär 1? Skulle inte tro det LOL. Så nu är nästa steg att kolla om nån av medsen kan få mig att varva ner och faktiskt sova utan att vara tvungen att överdosera sömnmedel som kan däcka en stor karl. Kan dom dessutom hitta ett sätt att få tyst på torktumlaren som envisas att låta i skallen på mig så ska jag banne mig bjuda dom på tårta! :D

Forgot to write how it went. UFO ...
150 visitors at the festival and sold a handful of pictures: D
Hepp Hepp!
I'm in a contest in the autumn but Im keeping a low profil in general at the moment.
Toss me a mail if you have some disturbed idea for me to work on so I don't get to lazy.

During summer and autumn, the sweet people on the affective ward has been rumaging around in my head and tried their best to try to find an explanation for why I have not slept properly since I was a little kid. Am I or anyone around me surprised that the investigation ended with the stamp ADHD, in addition to Bipolar 1? Dont think so LOL. So now the next step is to check if anyone of the meds can get me to relax and actually sleep without being forced to overdose on sleeping pills that can floor a big man. Can they also find a way to shut down the dryer which persist to hum in my head then I'll damn well buy them cake! : D

söndag 24 juli 2011

Hanging the Ragdollz

Jag har fått ett litet tält på Pretzeltown festivalen i Södertälje den 5-6 augusti så jag ska testa hur det känns att hänga upp ragdollzen.
Det är en gratis festival så kom gärna förbi, hejja, ät kakor och lyssna på bra livemusik med mig om ni är i stockholmstrakterna.

Okey *on big deep breath* so Im going to hang my ragdollz for real this time.
I got a tent at the festival Pretzeltown in Södertälje the 5-6 of August.

Its a free festival so if you´re in Stockholm that weekend: Drop by and chat, eat cookies and enjoy some great music!

Now Im of to larp in the woods a few days. Love!

fredag 1 juli 2011

Back in Mundana

Yeah, you heard me! Im back in the mundane again...

Miss Mania came knocking on my door and I was all "Oh.. Im not sure.. maby just a small coffie and a cake.." and she was all smiling "Sure thing honey! Just a small coffie" and so I opened the door to just let her slip in and WHAMO!! she hit me in the face with a god damn shovel. Turns out that our old buddy Depression was hiding behind the door just waiting for me to fall for it.

Fucking duo they are....

Im talking to my doc about changing the locks but he thinks I just have to take my cocktail of heavy metals, downers and sleeping pills so I acctually rests, ah.. and remember to eat. In the autum we're hiting the ADHD thingamajig to help sort stuff out. YAY!

I had a blast at first so thats good. But the energy kill that hits when the buzz dies realy sucks. In a bad way. But anyhow... Im back and on a roll again!

Trying to get my stuff together for an exhibition first weekend in august so I got a lot to till then. Good thing my summer vacation starts soon.

If you got any suggestions to what drawings I should bring then howl at me! I got a 3x3m tent on the Pretzeltown Festival so I got some space to play with and all creative input are welcome.

lördag 21 maj 2011

Ran into Ms Mania again

Like the title say, I had a bit of a run in with Ms. Mania. She's totaly awsome and we had a super week with rushing thoughts and me producing a heap of sketches both for my serious projects and some realy weared shit. But after about a week she made a run for it and left me, as usual, passed out in the gutter and it takes me almost a week to recover from her visits.

So I guess this is "Im sorry" for not responding to mails and comments.
And to the ones waiting for thier drawings and designs:
Im on it!

torsdag 5 maj 2011

Both t-shirt webshops are up and running now!

Finaly done with the US version of our webshop. 
I know know that there could be more designs up so feel free to brows the Portfolio and yell, mail, trow rocks at my window and so on if you think I missed one :) I really appreciate all the feedback and input we can get.

Visit the US webshop or the Swedish webshop

onsdag 4 maj 2011

Lobotomize me please?

Im in sync with my drawings and piantings for real now :D Posting for the comic on tuesdays & fridays and making 3 drawings/week, tops. Might be 4 on rare occasions...
So if I can just manage to keep the "draw slow as a slug policy" Im home safe.

I just have to find something else to do. Be kind of embaressing if the family woke up and I had painted a huge burning ragdoll on the living room wall..... *coughs* I don't do those kind of things any more. No sir, not me.

tisdag 26 april 2011

Keep it clean

Why cant people just use the trashcans? Is it like a worldwide conspiracy to drive me inte a public ragefit? Or are some people just stupid as bricks? Because Im not joking, one of these days Im going to snap. I've already found myself telling grown people of for stuff like that. Kids I get, the I just "Hey, I think you forgot this" but grownups? Come on... "I dont know about you but I sure dont like to sit in *insert random icky crap* Im rapidly turning into a bitter badtempered nag. My secret fear is that I one of these days will snap and cram something icky down the throat of the next jerk talking back to me.

I just need more cats and then the transformation to crazy catlady is complete.

Click the darn link to see the full picture ^^

lördag 23 april 2011

Dont forget to brush

You do know what happens when you dont brush your teeth, right....?

Oh and if you speak swedish, then listen to "Flourtanten" by Björn Rosenström while checking out the page. 
Thats what I was listening to while sketching ^^
Spotify url: 
Björn Rosenström – Fluortanten

tisdag 19 april 2011

Late night snack

I always get hungry around 00.00 but theres never anything tasty to eat *pouts*
I want there to be lot of easy to gorge food for me to just stuff myself with. But what do I get? Old stale bread and leftovers.......

Check out the latest page at "Too many Ragdollz in my mind"

söndag 17 april 2011

Up up and away

There :D got a few more of the old pages up and I've only made 5 new ones during the time. Yay for me trying to be less kreative. Got a few sketches that was born from a couple of reeeeaaallllllyyyyyy slow meetings. Planing to line and ink them during the week and probably let one or to slip in between the pages after the weekend ^^ shhhh.......

Fly Away
Check out the latest page at "Too many Ragdollz in my mind"

tisdag 12 april 2011

Up and running again!

And we´re on! Feels so good to be back again ^^ But its hard to know what to use... I have the pages that I already posted in the other version that crashed and died a horrible death in the stench of burning duck feathers but while the drunk duck killed it I drew a whole bunch of new pages and a have unfinished sketches up over my ears. At the moment I got 13 pages in a sort of mix of old and new.

Check out "Who took the last cupcake" at

Im going to paint this one in oil :D got a perfect golden frame for it!

söndag 3 april 2011

No patience at all

I want things to work at once! Now. Not later. Now!

So I went looking for another web comic comunity now that DrunkDuck went down. And still havent been restored. The main page is up but they seem to hav lost our comics.

Sooo..... when Syas, who draws one of my way way favorite webcomics, posted the latest page for "Insta Dinner" I went poking around in the site. And a couple of hours later the Ragdollz already moved in. Just a few pages up now but for a week or more I will be posting 1 new page a day until Im back in schedule again

Visit us at http://ragdollz.smackjeeves.com

And please read Syas webcomic http://instadinner.smackjeeves.com

torsdag 31 mars 2011

DrunkDuck Down!!

DrunkDuck is moving and in the procces everything crashed. First the comics went poof! and then as they tried to get the backup in gear the accounts wents awol. Now my comic is gone, gone I tell you!!
*cries big snytty sobs*
Means I cant upload anything untill they fixed it and if we´re unlucky every page of every comic will have to be uploaded again.

Glargh......... Who did this?! Get the wretched scoundrel!!

onsdag 30 mars 2011

Death by boobs?

I asked around at Deviantart what others thought would be nice ways to kill of the ragdollz.
And from a very well behaved 17 year old boy I got the suggestion: death by boobs or trains.
And come on... trains? I mean, who doesnt like boobs? At least I do and thats whats matter :D

Can I upload this to the webcomic Too_many_Ragdollz_in_my_mind ? Or is it only scandinavians that can see the humor in it? Give me some feedback people!

måndag 21 mars 2011

The remake of "Smoke ya"

After a couple of days of ignoring the drawing "Smoke ya" I had no choice.

I had to partly redraw it. It was to chopped of in the top and the leafs looked odd. And wrong. The ragdoll is smoking another ragdoll, why would there be leafs on the plant?! No! looks so wrong wrong wrong....... I sat down and redrew the plant totaly with little ragdoll buds instead and Pixie aka aTrademark vectored it for me and helped me with the smoke until it felt right.
So now the logic works for me and with the bigger plant it looks way better on the t-shirt for Daddy Jeppe ^^

Smoke ya - revised by *HamsterMamma on deviantART

Life is good and I can relax a little before finishing the page with the blender.

Note to self - Never, never ever publish things if Im not a 100% happy about it.

tisdag 15 mars 2011

More ranting the but just a little... just a tad....

So the meeting at my sons school was canceled due to "miscommunication". I called the pricipal as soon as I got back to work and a non dead crap phone. My view on reality doesn't seem to be the same as her's. I´ll talk to the teachers when I get to school later today and check what their reality looks like. Because when I've talked to them earlier they agree fullheartly.
Staff - "Yes he needs an adult with him at all times. We need an extra adult as an assistent for him alone because his needs are to big for us to cope with since we have the rest of the class to look after"
Im fully aware of that. But I need them to back me up when I go to the principal about it. Not looking over my shoulder and realising that Im alone and the staff has hidden behinf a bookshelf.

There. No more ranting for today.

I think I will kill a ragdoll with cash tonight. Because its all about the money.

måndag 14 mars 2011

Here we go!

Im trying to keep my "ragdoll production" down. I started the comic last week and I posted like 1 page every day. And most are new ones so I haven't been looting my arcive for old ones. My plan was to post 1 new every tuesday and friday to force myself to slow down. But its so hard!
Im thinking of remaking the ones I realy like and maby turn them into short strips like I did with "Free falling". Remaking isn't as bad as making totaly new ones, right?
Im overly productiva at the moment. Or as my mom would ask if she knew "are you at tad manic today dear?"

Oh... and I´m so going to draw a "minecraft" ragdoll getting killed by a creeper. I haven't the picture clear yet in my head but I think it will turn out nicely... Im so sick of that game at the moment. I played it for a while but it didn't stick on me but the rest of the family is still stuck in its cubic slimy pit of time stealing.

There *coughs* I have no issues at all. No sir. Not me.

Im hitting the drawingboard tonight to make a more "govermentaly approved" version of a commision I did. It turned out awsome but he can't acctualy make a t-shirt out of it and wear it to his daughters kindergarden. Got to change the leaves first of all... problably make them into little ragdolls since the big one is already smoking one :)