Ragdollz aTradmark

Ragdollz aTradmark

måndag 21 mars 2011

The remake of "Smoke ya"

After a couple of days of ignoring the drawing "Smoke ya" I had no choice.

I had to partly redraw it. It was to chopped of in the top and the leafs looked odd. And wrong. The ragdoll is smoking another ragdoll, why would there be leafs on the plant?! No! looks so wrong wrong wrong....... I sat down and redrew the plant totaly with little ragdoll buds instead and Pixie aka aTrademark vectored it for me and helped me with the smoke until it felt right.
So now the logic works for me and with the bigger plant it looks way better on the t-shirt for Daddy Jeppe ^^

Smoke ya - revised by *HamsterMamma on deviantART

Life is good and I can relax a little before finishing the page with the blender.

Note to self - Never, never ever publish things if Im not a 100% happy about it.

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