Ragdollz aTradmark

Ragdollz aTradmark

fredag 1 juli 2011

Back in Mundana

Yeah, you heard me! Im back in the mundane again...

Miss Mania came knocking on my door and I was all "Oh.. Im not sure.. maby just a small coffie and a cake.." and she was all smiling "Sure thing honey! Just a small coffie" and so I opened the door to just let her slip in and WHAMO!! she hit me in the face with a god damn shovel. Turns out that our old buddy Depression was hiding behind the door just waiting for me to fall for it.

Fucking duo they are....

Im talking to my doc about changing the locks but he thinks I just have to take my cocktail of heavy metals, downers and sleeping pills so I acctually rests, ah.. and remember to eat. In the autum we're hiting the ADHD thingamajig to help sort stuff out. YAY!

I had a blast at first so thats good. But the energy kill that hits when the buzz dies realy sucks. In a bad way. But anyhow... Im back and on a roll again!

Trying to get my stuff together for an exhibition first weekend in august so I got a lot to till then. Good thing my summer vacation starts soon.

If you got any suggestions to what drawings I should bring then howl at me! I got a 3x3m tent on the Pretzeltown Festival so I got some space to play with and all creative input are welcome.

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