Ragdollz aTradmark

Ragdollz aTradmark

onsdag 4 maj 2011

Lobotomize me please?

Im in sync with my drawings and piantings for real now :D Posting for the comic on tuesdays & fridays and making 3 drawings/week, tops. Might be 4 on rare occasions...
So if I can just manage to keep the "draw slow as a slug policy" Im home safe.

I just have to find something else to do. Be kind of embaressing if the family woke up and I had painted a huge burning ragdoll on the living room wall..... *coughs* I don't do those kind of things any more. No sir, not me.

Had one of those meetings again.
That seems to go on forever and ever, the poeple there saying the same things over and over again. Why? Someone has to change their mind or kill the meeting and have a new one later on with more information or what ever is lacking.
Dont make me sit there wasting my time. I swear, I can feel my life and will to live slowly pour away as they jabber on and the only way out is to give myself a lobotomy. Right there. That might shut them up. But I have my doubts.

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