Ragdollz aTradmark

Ragdollz aTradmark

måndag 14 mars 2011

Here we go!

Im trying to keep my "ragdoll production" down. I started the comic last week and I posted like 1 page every day. And most are new ones so I haven't been looting my arcive for old ones. My plan was to post 1 new every tuesday and friday to force myself to slow down. But its so hard!
Im thinking of remaking the ones I realy like and maby turn them into short strips like I did with "Free falling". Remaking isn't as bad as making totaly new ones, right?
Im overly productiva at the moment. Or as my mom would ask if she knew "are you at tad manic today dear?"

Oh... and I´m so going to draw a "minecraft" ragdoll getting killed by a creeper. I haven't the picture clear yet in my head but I think it will turn out nicely... Im so sick of that game at the moment. I played it for a while but it didn't stick on me but the rest of the family is still stuck in its cubic slimy pit of time stealing.

There *coughs* I have no issues at all. No sir. Not me.

Im hitting the drawingboard tonight to make a more "govermentaly approved" version of a commision I did. It turned out awsome but he can't acctualy make a t-shirt out of it and wear it to his daughters kindergarden. Got to change the leaves first of all... problably make them into little ragdolls since the big one is already smoking one :)

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